Repose Sweatpants


Repose Sweatpants

Size Chart

Repose Sweatpants
Numerical Size384042
Hip 1/2(cm)687072
Hip 1/2(inch)26.7″27.5″28.3”
Thigh Line(cm)82.885.387.8
Thigh Line(inch)32.5″33.5″34.5”
Bottom Line(cm)737577
Bottom Line(inch)28.7″29.5″30.3”

Repose Sweatpants

Wide-cut and edgy, loose-fitting with a wide-leg cut. These repose sweatpants offer a full-length design, adjustable with its drawstring high waist. Hang out in comfort and style. Warm and comfy. A leisure-staple, suitable for daily life.


95.5% Cotton 4.5%Spendex

Cotton derives from the fibers that surround the seeds of cotton plants, which emerges in a round, fluffy formation once the seeds mature. With zero synthetic compounds, 100% cotton is hypoallergenic, soft to the touch and ideal for sensitive skin. It allows air-circulation with maximized breathability and provides a cooling effect. It is strong, durable and resist abrasion - making this all-natural fiber a wardrobe-essential! The spandex is Lightweight and comfortable to wear, resistant to perspiration, has great elasticity, and is durable and strong.

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